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LibraryofCongress history film

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AFI Honors

ghetto youth history

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AFI Honored educational film—


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indigenous resistance against exploitation and pollution

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indigenous resistance against exploitation and pollution

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history of worldwide indigenous resistance against exploitation and pollution

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WordWar2.KoreanWar.Vietnam.Iraq Histories

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musical interracial love




One film not free because prohibited off YouTube because too sexy:


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husband, father, teacher, writer, producer, director, editor

husband, father, grandfather, teacher, writer, producer, director, editor

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In 2015, our documentary short FELICIA from 1965 has been honored

with selection for the National Motion Picture Archive by the Library of Congress:

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downloads EARTH SPIRIT video:

amazon EARTH SPIRIT dvds;


downloads LIVING THE BLUES movie;

LIVING THE BLUES dvds on amazon:

amazon LIVING THE BLUES dvds;

LIVING THE BLUES: Soul Music Soothes the Soul–.

When getting depressed, there is a way out with a good R&B or a soul reggae beat.

I was raised on the Top 10 Hit Parade until UCLA and later Cal,

where black students introduced how slaves and sharecroppers created a musical art therapy

to bring some joy in spite of the worst life has to inflict.

THE SAVAGES documentary DVDs:

Alan Gorg, (B.S. 1952 and M.F.A. 1970, U.C.L.A.), teacher/writer/producer/director/actor, has written and produced documentary films for the University of California and PBS, and founded theater groups in Hawaii and California..  Media Associates published his two autobiographical novellas PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS: SIXTIES BIOGRAPHIES and ENCOUNTERS WITH ABORIGINAL PHILOSOPHERS.  Available at amazon and on Kindle.

The books are available on amazon:

His short films FELICIA, THE SAVAGES, FREE GROWTH, and AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI were honored at the American, Columbus, and Mercer Film Festivals, the National Short Film Competition, and the Los Angeles International Film Exhibition (FilmEx).  In 1980 he produced a weekly video magazine THE OAHU GAZETTE for PBS station KHET-TV in Honolulu and the short film INSIDE STATE PRISON, which was also honored at FilmEx.

FELICIA has in 2015 been honored by selection for the National Motion Picture Archive by the Library of Congress:

THE SAVAGES is available from ScreenZone:

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI is available from amazon:

Stills can be found here:

Alan and wife Gwyn wrote and produced the 1986 feature film LIVING THE BLUES (80 minutes) with legendary guitarist and vocalist Sam Taylor, winning a Filmtrax Award at the Ghent International Film Festival and a Best Feature nomination at the American Film Institute Video Awards.



For further information about LIVING THE BLUES,  see

Their educational docudrama TECHQUA IKACHI (44 minutes) was an official selection at the Columbus, Dreamspeakers, GreenReel, Chashama, New Beijing, and Mumbai International Film Festivals.

TECHQUA IKACHI is a two-part movie, first AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI (9 minutes) and then a condensation of the film EARTH SPIRIT (34 minutes).

The full feature-length EARTH SPIRIT (82 minutes) received the 2007 Neptune Award at the Moondance International Film Festival.



download the rough cut at

Download the fine cut at:

See also:

TECHQUA IKACHI and the 2009 short THIRD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR (36 minutes) have developed over almost fifty years of documenting the history of oil and mining on land of indigenous people now have been combined to form the educational video trilogy PROPHECY & POLLUTION (80 minutes) presenting a history of oil and mining exploitation:

Also on WatchBox:

Most of the films produced by Gwyn and Alan Gorg are available via amazon with the exception of downloads for PROPHECY&POLLUTION, the educational video presenting horrific images of suffering by indigenous peoples from oil and mining exploitation, but that movie is not intended as entertainment but to inform students and public of the realities, and so downloads are available on WatchBox;

DVDs at

Our educational film PROPHECY&POLLUTION has been honored

at the 2014 International Film Festival of Health, Environment, and Cultlure.

Available for download or DVD,

PROPHECY&POLLUTION educational expose’ of exploitation history:

Stills available at

The Young Adult novel LOOKING FOR THE REAL THING by Alan Gorg tells the story of a Los Angeles high school senior seeking a simpler future away from angry kids, stressed adults, monstrous schools, everyday violence, massive traffic, choking smog, sickening pollution—seeking a little peace, a little quiet, some connection with nature. .

HOW TO JUMP START YOUR WAR is a satirical look at the four similar deceptive protocols used to start each of the last four big international wars: World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. Most people of all political stripes do not like being swindled, and this animated and historical video is about giving college and high school classroom exposure to what might possibly be the four biggest fakes of the last hundred years. This video is sure to provoke discussion about the causes of war.

Please note that among the four rulers primarily responsible for those four big wars, there was one fascist, one communist, one Democrat, and one Republican. War is an equal opportunity enterprise.

HOW TO JUMP START YOUR WAR (20 minutes) has become part of a longer anti-war video WAR INVESTMENT SEMINAR (26 minutes) to present the financial motivation to provoke modern international wars for their maximization of investment profit potential.

Now WAR INVESTMENT SEMINAR with HOW TO JUMP START YOUR WAR have been merged and extended into the video PEACE & WAR (31 minutes) to provide a hopeful conclusion, presenting wars which have been stopped by the people.

The female liberation sex comedy HOLLYWOOD LOVE (53:30) is available for download:

See also:

Here are the results of oil and mining, as Hopi prophecy comes true:

Today’s climate news from around the world

March 8, 2013


Top Stories

Recent heat unlike anything in 11,000 years. A look at 11,000 years of climate temperatures shows the world in the middle of a dramatic U-turn, lurching from near-record cooling to a heat spike. Scientists say it is further evidence that modern-day global warming is the result of rising carbon dioxide emissions since the Industrial Revolution began. Associated Press


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    Alan Gorg is a film maker who truly cares about the uplifting our world. His intention with each project is to awaken the world to a more compassionate and loving appreciation of each other.
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    alan and gwen
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