Another lie put out for the history books.

Recently on kpfk-fm on the Democracy Now show, Amy Goodman played again her2004 interview with the constitutionally elected Haiti President Aristide, which they recorded after he was removed from Haiti.  She no doubt has that interview archived and available. Aristide denies the claim by the United States government that he resigned and says the United States removed him with a military coup.  The resignation story was a lie.  The U.S. government sent the military to seize the airport in Haiti, surround the Presidential Palace, and force him onto an airplane to be flown out of Haiti.

Exposing lies in history is the focus of my new anti-war educational video.

I remember high school history was very boring.  As a history teacher, I would love such a video, since whatever your views, its entertainment value cannot be denied.  The students will love it. The light of truth can be provocative.

As my contribution to the cause of peace, for a limited time while I can, I offer my anti-war educational video FREE for any teachers willing to try to help stop the superwars.

Stopping wars is the noblest of goals, but most people say we cannot end war. Okay, maybe we will never end all wars, but can we perhaps at least stop the big international wars like the World War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq—the superwars which have killed so many millions?

Fraud has been used to start the superwars.  No person of intelligence wants to be swindled. I believe teachers could make a difference by exposing these frauds.  The sons of the rich and the elite have to attend school and college. Our purpose should be to bring the light of truth into their learning about history and war.  I want to offer support to any teachers willing to do so.
This 20-minute video HOW TO JUMP START YOUR WAR is a satirical look at the four similar deceptive protocols used to start each of the last four big international wars: World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. America was involved in all four of those wars, so the study is appropriate for United States history, a required subject in American high schools.

In my observation, films and videos promoting peace generally appeal only to the faithful. But most people of all political stripes do not like being defrauded, and this animated and historical video is about giving college and high school classroom exposure to what might possibly be the four biggest frauds of the last hundred years.  Please note that among the four rulers primarily responsible for those four big wars, there was one fascist, one communist, one Democrat, and one Republican. War is an equal opportunity enterprise.
For a limited time, as my contribution to the cause of peace, I am offering to send a free DVD of my video to any professor, instructor, or teacher to check out for possible use. Please send name and mailing address, school or institution and subject taught, to alankentgorg@yahoo.com.

Bless you for your effort.

— Alan G.




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